At its core, this is a site of creation. Our goal is to invite young artists
from all disciplines to experience the body as a tool and medium for

The ethos of our approach is centered around performance and the
city, to occupy our daily lives as process and content for creative work;
the act of art making in the moments of doing and being.

The body is not performing - the body itself is performance.

Our aim is to explore how living and non-living bodies perform within
different contexts, looking at performance through innovative and
expansive lenses - performance as life, play, body language, social
roleplay, a means of subversion, identity, mundane acts, a location
of power, poetry, communication, a site of resistance, celebration,
language, ritual, and onwards. We intend on exploring all kinds of
spaces - public, secluded, abandoned, imagined, ignored, lived,
subaltern- and to engage with their culturally and historically informed
identities and the respective identities of the performative body within