Location: Walled City
Duration: 30 Mins

I questioned the duality of a situation.
Whether I was performing or not?
Did I perform for the other performers when they were performing?
Can audience be only one person?
I got to feel how the performing self was informed and well aware of the real self. It was not actually the performing self, but real self being the medium of expression.
Generally crochet is a meditative process. It is like writing a script with a hook and a thread.
As I started making crocheted webs, they were constantly moving downwards and upwards from the balcony. Under which was a butcher's shop from which pieces of meat were stripped and hung. Soon the crocheted web I was sending downwards became a part of the shop.
Further it also appeared like a basket from which women get vegetables from the market downstairs without stepping outside there homes, just by sending the baskets through ropes and get supplies.
(Like Rapunzel in a tower)
It felt like being one with the surroundings I din't know of, a strange place in which I wanted to be assimilated. Crochet being the connecting bridge perhaps!